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How To Import and Export Your Contact List on Wix Website?

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Wondering how to import your current contact list to Wix or export a list you have created and built up over time in Wix? We take you through the steps in this very short 'How To' Wix tutorial.

0:00 - Introduction
0:18 - How to access your contact list on Wix
0:31 - How to manually add contacts on Wix
1:19 - How to import contacts directly from Gmail
1:58 - How to import just a group of contacts
3:14 - How to export contacts
3:48 - Outro

In this video about Wix, we are going to talk about manually adding contacts; importing contacts from Gmail, importing contacts through CSV files, and also exporting your contact list.

Your journey will start at the dashboard, choose the 'Contacts and CRM' tab found on the left of the screen and then select 'contact list'. If you want to add the new contact manually, this will be through the "New Contact" button that is found at the top right of the screen and then fill down the contact details found in the window accordingly.

You can manually add a contact - add in the details as expected - name, email and so on. You can add a new field if needed. You can also add labels, notes and tasks about this contact.

When you have added a new contact manually to your Wix website, you could then click on the contact from the list and from the contact panel you can add labels, upload attachments and add notes and tasks about this contact. You will find this panel that will give you the chance to make all this additions on the right side of the page after you click on the contact.

You can also import your contacts from gmail - a very powerful option. You can also mark imports as "subscribers" so you can market to them if you have their consent. You can add a lofty 200,000 contacts per site to Wix!

To import your contacts directly from Gmail, you will go to the 'more' drop down menu and select 'import contacts'. A small window will appear which you will need to click 'connect' under the Gmail account and choose an account or sign in. At this point you will click 'allow' after you choose the email account and then you will have the option to set contacts as subscribers so they will receive marketing communication from your site but not without their consent. Finally you click 'import' in order to finish the whole thing.

It is important to know that you could have up to 2,000 contacts in total per site.

If you want to import your contacts as a group, you will have to export your contacts as a CSV file and then import this file to your Wix site. To do this, you have to export your contacts from an external mail host, such as Yahoo mail or Outlook. In order to upload your contacts via CSV file - here are the steps (keeping in mind that each contact should at least have a phone number, address, or email address):
* In the G Suite, go to contacts, click more and export.
* Go to your Contact List.
* Click the More actions drop-down menu and select Import Contacts.
* Click Got It!
* Click Select below CSV File on the right, to upload a CSV file.
* Click Upload.
* Browse for the file on your computer.
* Click Open.
* (Optional) Click the Set contacts as subscribers checkbox (If you have permission to market to!).
* Click Import.
* Click to open each drop-down menu and select the title that matches titles from your file.
* Click Import.
* This may take a few moments - depending on the size of your list
* Click Got It - All done!

You can export up to 50,000 contacts from your contact list in multiple CSV formats. You can only do this if you are the website's owner.

To export your contacts, in your contact list page, click 'more actions' and then 'export contact'. Select the contacts that you want to export then click export. This will save the file to your computer. The CSV file can be opened with Microsoft Excel.

You could know more about creating a new website with Wix through the tutorial we have provided before through our channel (

There are some small videos that could guide you on specific steps, such as knowing more about how to change the subscription status of a contact (, adding a Yandex Metrica code to your Wix website (, knowing how to manage your tracking tools on the website ( or even knowing how to add a Facebook Pixel to it ( - Free Wix Account!!

Need help building out your Wix Website? Contact our team - we would be delighted to help -

If you have any questions, you could send them over through the comments below or send us through the website and we would be very pleased to offer you all the answers you might need.

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