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The killing of an unarmed black man by police in the US city of El Cajon on Tuesday led to series of protests throughout the city. The incident followed other recent police shootings of black men in the cities of Tulsa and Charlotte, which has brought hundreds to the streets in a call for police reform and to combat police violence against black Americans.

Often at the forefront of such demonstrations is the Black Lives Matter movement, which grew from Facebook post in 2013 to a trending hashtag to a global movement and has galvanised support across the world in its efforts to expose what it calls institutionalised racism within US police forces.

Now more than three years after the movement started, what has Black Lives Matter achieved? And does it use the right approach?

In this week’s Arena, we debate the tactics of the movement with BLM activist and writer Shaun King and columnist and 1960s activist Barbara Reynolds, who is critical of the protesters approach.

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