The Ar-Kaics - Make It Mine [Steady Sounds] 2014 Garage Rock 45 - vTomb

The Ar-Kaics - Make It Mine [Steady Sounds] 2014 Garage Rock 45

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The Ar-Kaics - Make It Mine
Steady Sounds Records # BLR-56004 [Promotional Copy]. Released in 2014.
Crude 60's style garage rock 45 from nowadays band! This 45 was released in limited pressing of 300 and long time out of print. Most copies have a "Promotional Copy Not For Sale" stamp on the label. BTW timestamps is completely incorrect on this side - label says 2:02, but as you can hear, the song duration is 3 min 5 sec. Vinyl rip from musicdawn 45's records collection.

Hear flip-side "The Ar Kaics - Movin' On":

The Ar-Kaics are Kevin, Johnny,Tim and Patty. They play troglodyte teenbeat 60s-style punk. You can listen their other 45' and support guys on their official bandcamp:

The Ar-Kaics official Facebook:

Steady Sounds Records is a brick and mortar record shop located at 322 West Broad Street Richmond Virginia 23220 (804) 308 2692. And they also run private music label. Their official web-ste:
And also you can contact them @ Facebook:

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