How to Highlight Curly Hair | My Favorite Blonde Highlighting Technique (with a Base Bump)

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When it comes to highlighting curly hair, there can be a lot more to consider! Have you ever started highlighting curly hair and realized you are beginning to get lost in your foils? Or maybe you start drying the hair with a diffuser and you can’t see ANY of the lowlights you put in?

Between making sure we are using the most nourishing products for our curly girls (as curly hair tends to be more dry) to making sure our highlights and lowlights can be seen even when the texture of the hair wants to hide our work.

This video is perfect for you if:
✨ You have started a highlighting curly hair and the hair keeps getting tangled or you start getting lost in your pattern.
✨ You don’t know what to do about the pieces that are shorter in the nape due to breakage.
✨ You’ve wanted to try a base bump but you’re not sure how to apply it or know when it’s finished.

In this video, I break down my FAVORITE blonding technique for curly hair AND my favorite base bump formula. I share every single formula from start to finish as well as walk you through real obstacles you may face when highlighting curly hair!


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