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Please watch: "(51) DDS: Mr Popo (TheBiggestDBZFan Request) - HalusaTwin "
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U09aRSwFV90 --~--
This was named Beauty Of The Beast by Zigazag Z.

The actual highest was Angry Pussy by Niggamasu but was not accepted as it didn't follow the rule set. In light of the joke this user will still receive a copy of the track as a good will gesture. Well played guys!

Hi guys,
What's happening?

It's time for another 'NAME THAT TRACK' competition.

So to give you guys the theme for this track, this is based on the unknown Saiyan girl that erupts and transforms into a 'Broly' Type, Legendary Super Saiyan.

She is part of the universal Survival Arc and i'm guessing from universe 6 (As it is the mirror image of Universe 7), assuming Saiyan's only exist in both universes.

Nothing is known of this Saiyan yet but that she has a mad crazy transformation.

So, that's your theme.

You know the rules, but if you don't here they are:

-Pick a name for the track (Make it clean or it won't count. I know we all like fun and games)
-Place it in your comment
-All vote on the best name
-Most thumbs up wins

And what do you win I hear you say?
You win...
-A copy of the track
- An entire album (DDS or DDS2)
-Your name in the credits of the track, on YouTube and the album as the track Namer (If that's even a real word).

The winner will be announced Friday 27th of Jan 2017.
So, good luck guys, and get to naming :D

Maybe the best Saiyan, Namekian, Super Human, Majin, or even Freiza Race (I wanna say Ice Race mortal win!!!

Hope you enjoy.

Take care and see you all again soon,


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