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Today I am doing my first Q&A because I have reached 200 subscribers Yay.

My brother, Adin, from Adin Playz has joined me and he reads my questions. and he answers some of them as well.

Thank you to all my subscribers and to all who asked questions. I love you all. Emma Alvino, Elena and Clara from Cupcake Surprise Toys , Sedona from Sedona Fun Kids Tv, Suttles Family Videos, EVelyn from Princess Evelyn, Glitzy Bear, Bella and EMi from The Bella and Emi show.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adinplayz/
Website: Http://www.adinplayz.com

Hoy hice el primer video de Preguntas y respuestas con mi hermano. Gracias a todos mis subscriptores por ayudarme a alcanzar los 200 subscriptores.

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