NDE Researcher Kenneth Ring: The Golden Rule Dramatically Illustrated

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This eye-opening, potentially life-changing video clip comes from a much longer interview that NDE researcher Kenneth Ring did with Jeffery Mishlove. You can find the complete interview, which provides an informative (and inspiring) overview of what is known about near-death experiences, posted here:



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I think this is one of the most remarkable aspects of the near-death experience and one that is not really given the amount of attention that it should. Obviously many people know about The Light, they know about [the] out-of-body experience. The thing that really is, I think, important about the near-death experience in regard to the life review phenomena is that it isn't just a life review. It's a reliving of your life... When people describe the full experience, it's every single act that you have done, every single thought that you have thought, every single word that you have spoken — suddenly all of this is back with you. You are running through it again and you see and you experience the effects of these acts, these thoughts, and these words on other people. Let me just give you one brief example to illustrate this.

I have a friend who when growing up was kind of a roughneck; he had a hot temper; he was always getting into scrapes. One day he was driving in his truck through the suburb in the town where he lived and he almost hit a pedestrian. And he got very aggravated with the pedestrian and he was a very big physical guy — still is — and a fight ensued. He punched this guy out and left him unconscious on the pavement, got back into his truck, and roared off.

15 years later this guy has a near-death experience... and during the near-death experience, he has a life review. In his life review, this particular scene of the fight takes place again... And he said that, as many people do, he kind of experienced this from a dual aspect. There was a part of him that was almost as if he were high up in a building looking out a window and seeing the fight below. But at the same time he was observing the fight like a spectator, he found himself in the fight. Except this time he found himself in the role of the other person. And he felt all 32 blows that he had rained on this person originally 15 years ago now being inflicted upon himself. He felt his teeth cracking. He felt the blood in his teeth. He felt everything that this other person must have felt at that particular time. There was a complete role reversal; an empathic life review experience.

And this is the sort of thing that many people report. And when they report these kinds of experiences, they realize that in our life, we are the very people that we hurt; we are the very people that we help to feel good. We experience these actions as though done to ourselves in the life review. So that when people start talking about The Golden Rule in the context of the near-death experience, The Golden Rule is not just a precept for moral conduct, it's the way it works. And you experience this during the life review. You learn that lesson in a very forceable way as a result of going through this kind of experience. And that's why when people have NDEs they change as much as they do! If you can even imagine what it must be like to go through your entire life and see everything that you've ever done, without judgment, but from a kind of almost omniscient point of view with regard to the effects of those actions, and see what your actions do to other people, it's a heavy kind of lesson. It's something that stays with you and it informs your conduct for the time after your near-death experience.

So it does give us a lot to think about and that's why I say in my book "Lessons from the Light" the near-death experience isn't given just to those who have the experience, it's given to all of us to learn from because all of us can profit by the lessons that near-death experiencers learn in the course of a life review or other aspects of their experience. We can grow from these lessons. We can apply these lessons into our daily lives.

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