Starcraft Original Enslavers Mission 3a - Assault on Aiur (1/3) - vTomb

Starcraft Original Enslavers Mission 3a - Assault on Aiur (1/3)

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Plot branch : The commander chooses Mengsk's orders over Mojo's request.

Alpha Squadron fell upon the zerg near Schezar's base, destroying the cerebrate. However, Gui Montag reported that Schezar is nowhere to be found.

Mojo communicated with Mengsk again, calling him a fool. He said that Schezar was now on his way to Aiur, where he would use khaydarin crystal amulets, frequently carried by high templar, to dominate more cerebrates. He said that Mengsk has called doom upon both the protoss and terrans.

Mengsk brought his forces to Aiur to force a decisive showdown with Schezar. Aldaris confronted him via viewscreen, saying because the terran commander has abandoned protoss to a human criminal, the Conclave has ruled that their lives are forfeit. He demanded their surrender.

Mengsk countered that Schezar was able to control a cerebrate because of the protoss and their technology, which he plundered from one of their temples. Mengsk would do whatever it takes to destroy Schezar and the protoss temple.

Aldaris threatened the commander, saying the Conclave would not rest until all terrans have been expunged from Aiur soil, but Mengsk cut him off. "Don't these guys ever shut up?" quipped Mengsk.

Mengsk ordered the destruction of the protoss temple. This would prevent the protoss from summoning reinforcements. Then Alpha Squadron could destroy Schezar's Scavengers. As part of the unusual mission objectives, all heroes are expendable.

When the commander destroyed the temple, it created an energy backlash which destroyed the structures in the protoss base. With the protoss out of the way, Alpha Squadron then attacked Schezar's Scavengers.

While Alpha Squadron was successful in destroying the Scavengers, Schezar was never found.

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