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Ad Muncher - How to Extent Trial And Update (Detail Instruction).wmv

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1. Make sure you have a backup folder with 4 files below:
a.) config.dat
b.) customstrings.dat
c.) license.dat
d.) registration.da
C:ProgramDataAd Muncher [window 7]
Currently, a trial has already expired, but the backup folder was saved.
2. To find out starting date of the license trial: "Start free 30-day trial
In the window of "Ad Muncher Licensing" should appear in my example May 11, 2012
Remember this date for further customization of the program RunAsDate.
3. Close Ad Muncher From System Tray and delete existing shortcut.
4.Start RunAsDate the box "Application to run" show the path
C: Program Files Ad Muncher AdMunch.exe.
In the window "Date / Time" to set the date "1 day of the beginning
of the last trial," (in my case: May 12, 2012)
5. Delete existing Ad Muncher shortcut and create desktop shortcut with RunAsDate.
6. Copy the four files in the backup folder and replace them
files in the folder C: ProgramData Ad Muncher
7. Run Ad Muncher as usual and update the advert list
"Import configuration" "Options" "Updates"
Update successful but cow still red and disable!
8. Close Ad Muncher and delete shortcut last time
9. Start RunAsDate and create earlier date then last time, in my example 02, April 2012
10.Restart Ad Muncher and this time cow is white Ad Muncher registered and enabled again :)
11. Start newly created Ad Muncher shortcut Windows Startup
Drag a shortcut from the desktop to the folder
"C: Users AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Startup" Windows 7
Or C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorStart MenuProgramsStartup Windows XP
12. Stop Ad Muncher.exe Automatic Startup
Windows start run type in "msconfig" enter, in the startup tab of the default boot off Admuncher
Re start your PC to see the effect Cow is white and happy says MOOOO, to all of you :)
Credit for the music:
Romantic Spanish Guitar;
Gipsy Kings - El Toro Y La Luna;
Camtasia Studio for helping me making this video.

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