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Philly Tattoo Convention! All your questions answered!
Check out TTT playlist:
All the Questions are listed below, so you can follow along!

Videos Mentioned!!
Derrick Hoop Vids~
Tattoo Styles:
How I heal my tattoos:
My Tattoo Appointment Essentials:

New York City Vlog with Fundraising Flash Sheet:

My Patreon Page:

What is the tattoo convention?
Is it legal to be tattooed at the tattoo convention?
What screening do tattoo artist go through in order to be able to tattoo at the tattoo convention?
How much did it cost to get into the tattoo convention?
What do people do at tattoo conventions?
Do you have to be a tattooed person to enjoy the tattoo convention?
Did your boyfriend(who has no tattoos) have a fun time at the tattoo convention?
Did Your boyfriend get a tattoo?
Did you see anyone famous? Did you see anyone from Ink Masters? Did you talk to them?
What happens at the performance stage?
Did you get a tattoo at the tattoo convention?
Is it improper etiquette to get more than one tattoo from a different artist in one day?
How do you get a tattoo at the tattoo convention?
Do you have to make an appointment?
How do “walk-ups” work?
How much do tattoos cost a tattoo conventions?
Our tattoos a tattoo conventions more expensive or cheaper?
Where do you get your tattoo flash that you hang on your wall?
How is getting tattooed in a convention different from getting tattooed in a tattoo shop?
How do I know if I’m the right person to get tattooed at a convention?
What do you bring to the convention and how do you prepare yourself for the convention?
Do you show off your own tattoos at the convention?

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