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Pharmacy School Student Donniecia shares all kinds of info about Pharmacy school, Pharmacist Salary, and much more... (Pharmacy Technician)


From 0.9 GPA to PA School! -
I'm an ER Doctor -
I'm a Dermatology PA -
Life of a Minority PA Student -
I'm a Nurse Practitioner (NP) Student -
I'm an OB/GYN Physician Assistant and this is what I do -
True Life of an Older PA Student (Non-Traditional Student) -
I'm a PA who was a contestant on NBC's TV Show, "American Ninja Warrior" -
I'm in Pharmacy School (All about Pharmacy School) -
I'm an Urgent Care PA and this is what I do... -
I'm a Pediatric Neurosurgery PA (Tony Adkins, aka "The Dancing Doc") -
I'm a Physician Assistant in Canada -
I wrote PANCE PREP PEARLS (Dwyane A. Williams) -
From Nortre Dame Football Player to PRE PA -

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Hey Everyone! I'm Adanna and I am a PA student documenting my journey on becoming a PA [ Physician Assistant ] - PA School

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Landmark Dates (New Dates updated once they happen):

April 5, 2017 - My first interview for PA School!
April 7, 2017 - Phone call of Acceptance into PA School!
May 30, 2017 - My first day of PA School! (Orientation Week)
June 20, 2017 - I was voted First Year Coordinator of my Class for the Student Society of my school!
August 18, 2017 - Finished my first Semester of PA School!
August 26, 2017 - Received my short WHITE COAT!
December 14, 2017 - Finished my Second Semester of PA School!
May 18, 2018 - Finished my First Year of PA School!
May 29, 2018 - Started Year 2 of PA School!
June 19, 2019 - Completed all my Clinical Rotations!

Adonna The PA (Incorrect Spelling)
Adanna The PA (Correct Spelling)

*DISCLAIMER* - All the views expressed in my videos are my own personal opinions and based on my experiences throughout my PA School journey. My views may not reflect the views of my school or others in the PA career.

*LEGAL* - Adanna is represented by Sonset Friday Entertainment, LLC, an entertainment and talent management company. Any disputes, concerns, disagreements, etc... may be directed to [email protected] Please include "AdannaThePA" in the Subject bar. Sonset Friday Entertainment, LLC takes FULL legal responsibility for Adanna and the Adanna The PA brand.

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