Growing Carrots In Raised Beds And Containers | Secret Soil Mix

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Our secret carrot soil mix for planting and growing carrots in raised beds and containers. The problems is, we have no secrets when it comes to gardening. Your success is our success. Today we'll cover our growing medium and the soil additives we use in our raised bed garden. Garden boxes and containers give gardeners more control over the soil and we take advantage of that. We also use pelleted seeds to ensure good seed to soil contact which improves our germination rate. We'll show you how to space your carrots and the correct planting depth. We also want to discuss the positive effects of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium on root crops as well as the down side of nitrogen in the soil.

Items used in this soil mix include: Potting soil, bone meal, Epsom salt, and composted chicken or cow manure.

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