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In this tutorial, I teach you how to use mail merge in MS word in hindi.

This tutorial will cover creating a Mail Merge in Microsoft Office Word 2007. Mail merges pull information from spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel and database programs like Microsoft Access and place that information where you need it in your documents.

The mail merge process has three documents involved in creating and printing letters and emails, or labels and envelopes.

Your main document
This document contains text and graphics (a logo or an image, for example) that are identical for each version of the merged document. An example of identical content is the return address on the envelope or in the body of a letter or an email message.

Your mailing list
This document contains the data that is used to fill in information in your main document. For example, your mailing list contains the addresses to be printed on the labels or envelopes.

Your merged document
This document is a combination of the main document and the mailing list. Information is pulled from your mailing list and inserted in your main document, resulting in the merged document—the letter, email, labels, or envelopes— personalized for different people on the mailing list.

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