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Super Saturated Solutions :0

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Basically what Dr. Ted explained was that he created a super saturated solution by boiling water with more salt than the water can actually dissolve while the water is at room temperature. He drops a single salt crystal and that is what triggers the reaction. It's purdy cool eh!?
But everyone needs to shut up about how annoying everyone in the video is, that's not the point you fools.

OH. More specifically this is a super saturated solution thing where there is too much sodium acetate in the solution so when just one salt crystal was added the whole thing crystallized and released heat.. Yep, chemistry lesson in AP Bio.
Uh, well all the AP Bio kids were gone because most of them were seniors, leaving the juniors who were left in the class to be doing whatever, but then one of us went to his home country leaving 6 of us, plus one "honorary APBio student" :P
So pretty much this is what happens when there are 7 juniors + Dr. Ted in class near the end of the year when no one is there really.. :D:D

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