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Reissue: Invitation to Analyze

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Update: my analysis: Update to add link my analysis:

Edit to provide link to a better-quality image for anyone requiring greater detail in order to analyze geometry of this view:

This is a reminder of a previous challenge that garnered no takers. The previous video had an error in detail as well, so let's try this again.

Using either flat or globe earth geometry (and "perspective" if you believe that is a separate factor), can you determine whether these two peaks align to support one over the other?

The level sighting tool used at 0:32 mark is the inexpensive, non-precision Johnson hand-held sight level, suggested by Jesse Kozlowski:
Rely on the eye-level measurement seen in video with a very large grain of salt. That, and the water tower, are just potential tips for working out the calculations. Use whatever tools or techniques you like.

I'll be posting my own (which I believe supports a globe earth) shortly, whether anyone else gives this a try or not.

I've left the original invite up, despite it's error in the height of Lyon's Peak:

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