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River's Reaver Sword | Foolfly SE 01 EP 03


After the Makers Central Event got used up, we found a new venue and terraformed it. We've got a good crew: blacksmiths, leatherworkers, crafters... even picked up a bonafide Al. There are those that are rich and flush with the new technology; us, not so much. An idea will get you a build; tools will help you build it. A Maker's goal is simple: find a build, find a crew, keep flying.

In Foolfly: Episode 01, Captain Malcolm Reynolds forges a battle axe for River to fight the Reavers. Episode 03 finds Mal taking the shuttle to the desert to deliver the axe. Finding a lone weapon to be problematic to her balance, River makes The Reaver Sword to keep her in alignment. But, Mal and River must postpone their trip to Persephone when Mal gets a wave from Monty.

Co-Starring: Brett McAfee
Additional Footage: Brett McAfee
River's Battle Axe forged by Brett McAfee
Voice Cameo: Steve House

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Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the Verse.
Foolfly Crew:

Mal - https://www.youtube.com/brettmcafee
Saffron - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX0uByFCRzMrrJr6hxqFdyA
Monty - https://www.youtube.com/moonshinemetalworks
Jayne - https://www.youtube.com/alshackshack
Kaylee - https://www.youtube.com/craftswithellen
Shepherd - https://www.youtube.com/c/TheRedsmithWorkshop

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