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♡ University Of London Room Tour 2018 || Mei-Ying Chow ♡

The video where I show you around my halls of residence - my room ,pantry and bathrooms, whilst also including some of the secret footage from the day I moved into this room exactly 1 month and days ago! How time flies! If you have any questions about my london uni accommodation do let me know in the comments and I’ll reply to them all.
I’m staying at an intercollegiate hall, which basically means all students from London universities can stay there, so that includes King’s College London, UCL, LSE, SOAS, Birkbek and RVC are all here. I really like it cause I’ve met more people outside the KCL uni group and it gives you lots to chat about when making friends etc.
Out of the intercollgiate halls, I’m staying at College Hall but my sister stayed 3 years at international halls so I know quite a lot about that one too. They’re all in perfect walking distance to campus and the facilities are super nice as you can see and being catered is a blessing when your day of lectures finishes at 6pm and you don’t have the energy to go shopping and then to cook it - as well as that there aren’t many lidls or Aldis around for cheap food shopping so it can be a bit pricey.

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6 Months Supply of Vitamin C

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