Most Dangerous City In America--Rockford, Illinois

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Please Fund Me and stop the local Deep Church and Deep State from targeting the good people in Rockford, Illinois.
I am shadowbanned on YouTube, GoFundMe, Patreon and FaceBook.

Please send prayers and donations the old fashioned way to:

Jonathan Bystrom
P.O. Box 1951
Rockford, Illinois 61110

2017-6-20 Rockford, Illinois, Blaisdell St. - Frontlines of "the drug war."

Take a look at the frontlines of the Deep State's "War On Drugs." This is Blaisdell St., Rockford, Illinois. For 30 years, this street was allegedly used by the local political machine to traffick cocaine, according to the neighbors.

All the missing houses are the former cocaine houses. Drugs and the housing authorities seem to be working in tandem to destroy the neighborhood, then come back later with the political machine's contractors, and make an exorbitant profit off the taxpayer's dime.

Katherine Austin Fitts was Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Renewal (HUD) in 1989. She discovered $59 BILLION "Missing" from HUD in one year alone. She discovered HUD was being run as a criminal enterprise.

Her website is

The War On Drugs creates blight and the City pays to tear down the old "crack houses." Then HUD comes in and builds brand new houses for $250,000 each. The houses torn down, could have been renovated for under $50,000. But the political machine operates by taking the taxpayer's money and funneling to their "cronies" or politically connected contractors.

As a journalist for twenty years, here's what else I've found:

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