01 Differ-Ent - Differ-Ent(Hrall) [Don't Be Afraid]

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Official stream from Don't Be Afraid. Distributed by Kudos Records.
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Album: Differ-Ent [SINGLE]
Track: 1 of 2
Title: Differ-Ent(Hrall)
Artist: Differ-Ent
Label: Don't Be Afraid
Cat#: DBA018
Formats: 12"/Digital
Digital Release: 9th February 2015
Physical Release: 26th January 2015

About This Release:

In an endless ocean of electronic music, DJ Bone has always managed to stand out. 100% of the music he creates is the result of translating his experiences of growing up in Detroit (both good and bad), into songs, songs that stand the test of time, excite the spirit and evoke emotion when played or heard.
And now, Bone has decided to unleash/unveil an alter ego...DIFFER-Ent.
A sworn enemy of stagnation, DIFFER-Ent pushes past the boundaries of acceptance and into the realm of anticipation with DIFFER-Ent sounds, structures, visuals and moods.
DJ Bone is Detroit...
DJ Bone is Techno...

DJ Bone is Differ-Ent.

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