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WordPress Custom Taxonomies|How and Why to Create Them in wordpress |Custom Taxonomies in Wordpress

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In this video session we'll see about custom taxonomies in wordpress, learn about taxonomies in wp


What is a Taxonomy?
Taxonomy in WordPress is one of those things that everyone use, but they do not know that they are using
it. Derived from the biological classification method Linnaean taxonomy, WordPress taxonomies are used
as a way to group posts and custom post types together. WordPress has two very popular taxonomies that
people use on a regular basis: Categories and Tags (Read: Categories vs. Tags: Best Practices). You can
use custom taxonomies to create custom groups and bring them under one umbrella. For example, you have
a custom post type called Books. Even though you can use categories, you may not want to mix the two
because they are used differently. You can register a new custom taxonomy called Topics. You can add
topic terms like: Adventure, Romance, Non-Fiction, etc. This would allow you and your users to sort
your books by each topic. Taxonomies can also be hierarchical meaning that you can have main topics
like: Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Children. Then have subtopics under each category for example fiction
would have thrillers as a sub-topic.

Creating Your Custom Taxonomy with 'register_taxonomy()'
To create a custom taxonomy with your own custom plugin, you use the WordPress function
register_taxonomy, which has two required arguments:

1. The slug name of your custom taxonomy. “Slugging” is the same process of working with text that helps
make WordPress post titles into URLs. “Slugged” text looks like this: “i-am-slugged-text”. So for a
taxonomy called “Movie Genre,” the “slug name” would be movie-genre.

2. The post types that you want the taxonomy to apply to. This is also “sluggified”, so if you want the
taxonomy to apply to the WordPress default post type of “Page”, you’d made the second argument 'page'.

This second argument can also be an array, which would be a list of post types. If you want a single post type to get the taxonomy, say post that’s all you need. But if you wanted both posts and pages to have it, you’d make the second argument array('post', 'page').

To make this very concrete, if your taxonomy were wanting to apply to Posts, Pages, and a new post type you made called “Awesome”, you’d use register_taxonomy() as follows:

add_action('init', 'wpOwt_register_taxonomy');
function wpOwt_register_taxonomy() {
register_taxonomy( 'awesome_taxonomy', array( 'post', 'page', 'awesome' ) );
Note that our call to register_taxonomy() is wrapped in another function, which hooks into the
init action hook. If this style of function writing is new to you, which is an absolutely key piece of WordPress knowledge.

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