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Save the Children’s investment in the promise and potential of childhood.

Since 1919 we have aimed for the impossible. And thanks to partners like you, we have long been on the leading edge of significant, sustainable progress for children. Today, the mortality rate for children under 5 has been reduced by half. 91% of children in the developing world are enrolled in school. World leaders are committed to protecting children from violence. And there are 1 billion fewer people living in extreme poverty. Together, we have transformed the lives – and futures – of millions of children. Their families and communities. Our world. But despite all our advances, millions of children are still being left behind. It doesn’t have to be this way. For the first time in history, it is possible to achieve the seemingly impossible. and realize our shared vision for children – a world where all children grow up healthy, learning and safe. Where every child has the best chance for a bright future. Every last child. Please join us. Together, we’ll invest in the promise and potential of childhood. With you, we’ll make the impossible, possible.

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