The New Last Day on Earth or Cheap Mod? - Prey Day Survival Gameplay Part 1?

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Check out Prey Day Survival. Prey for Day is a new multiplayer zombie survival game MMO RPG with cooperative gameplay, a perfect marriage of action strategy where all survivors pursue the same goal: to survive in a world full of zombies and mutants.

The New Last Day on Earth Survival? - Let's Play Unforeseen Incidents Gameplay Part 1

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Gather a clan or join your clanmates on clan fight against hordes of zombie bosses, shoot and kill zombies dead! The bigger and tougher your clan, the more chances you have to survive in this apocalyptic world. That’s the most effective strategy in this new MMORPG zombie survival game.

Zombies, mutants and other survivals in this massive multiplayer game are after you… as well as hunger, thirst, cold and more. It won’t be easy to survive, but it’s going to be worth it. Your main goal in this new online zombie survival RPG is to craft and prey for a day of survival

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