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Top 5 video editing mistakes you need to avoid

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In today's video, we're going to talk about the important things you need to avoid doing when you’re editing videos. Our simple tips will help you learn to avoid the worst editing mistakes - and how to fix them if you need to! You'll also learn the basic rules of editing that shouldn’t be ignored, even in home movies, if you want to create quality videos.

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Montage can make an entire video from different shots, but it can just as easily ruin it. One wrong click and your video will be unwatchable. Avoid the mistakes we talk about in this video and people will be flocking to your channel!

Tip 1. Don't merge clips with different lighting. You don’t need to get rid of those clips – instead, add a cut-in between them that either explains the difference in lighting or functions as the beginning of the next part of the video.

Tip 2. Don't let abrupt jumpcuts ruin the continuity in your video. Sudden changes risk making your subject look like a robot or a magician.

Tip 3. Try not to have shots with movement in different directions in the same sequence – you’ll confuse your viewers and the narrative will suffer. If you can't avoid it, add a cut-in between the scenes.

Tip 4. Don't make your scenes too long or too short. Your viewers will either get bored with the long shot or you'll make them dizzy from frequent shot changes.

Tip 5. Know when to stop. Sometimes you need transitions, for example, to mark the beginning of the next part of a video, but the best transition is often fading to black and back, not a shot that jumps out from the lower left corner. If you think that special filters and effects will enhance your video, choose just one – most times it will be enough.

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