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Crucifuge - Vestri Animus est Mei

© Crucifuge 2010


My spirit splits in two, to contort abomination
Seething of anguished truths that seemed to forever last
A servant to optimistic observations
Though retrieving grief from a never fading past

Premonitions scorn leading to my heart's dissection
See the emotions spew and run upon unrelenting salt
A weakling of wishes meaning good intentions
Cannot brave the pain I've witnessed when I speak

Standing below the surface of an unending torrent
The currents ebb and flow
A vicious sea of lies that surround
The waves crash and break me

Crashing and breaking

Slander bellows
Inside to
Obriviate foolish obsession

An unnatural callow machine that digs and drives
Between cries that echo
I only sit by to rot and die

To die

Failing to reiterate what is me
Facing a storm inside the skull fortress
Hateful beasts beckoning rage and fear
Seen every time in the mirror

Seething of silent screams
Inside this smile
Wallowing behind eyes of shame
Truth unmasking as I disappear

A slave in a world heartless
Burning the sinners
Salt the wounds to scathe again
Hard enough to even stand

In remorse to forever fade
Shrouded in guilt and pity
In remorse to forever scathe
Drowning the pessimist

The thrashing of limbs
Such sweet melody
Chaos dissatisfies
Raped of loves and ideals

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