Is the iphone 5S still worth it in 2016? (+ Cute little baby raccoon!)

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IPhone 5 video:

So the iphone 5s came out in 2013 and i figured I would do a video on how well rr the it's doing in 2016. I mostly wanted to do it because I already had a iPhone 5s laying around and figured I might as well put it to good use. The video is pretty dope And honestly, the answer will probably not shock you but maybe it will idk. If you also think that the iphone SE is better than this then you might want to watch his video as well just to see both sides. I also heard that the iphone 7 might come out with a smaller alternative as well, but a ton of Androids are supposed to come out this year as well so I literally can't wait for those either. Also if you are about to watch those iPhone 5s vs iphone SE videos you might as well start here. Oh and thanks so much for 400 subscribers, almost halfway to my goal! Oh and I recently just switched to a iPhone 6 plus from a android so I'll be making a video about my experience of switching soon as well. Thanks for liking and subscribing as well (Shoutout to lahwf) and comment if you guys do have any questions or concerns. And I hope I will see you guys in the next video :)

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