Prof - Andre The Giant (Official Video)

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"Andre The Giant" is featured on Prof's album, Pookie Baby, out now!
Album available digitally, on CD and custom white-colored 2xLP vinyl.

Directed by - Dave Wilson
Co-Directed by - Jacob Anderson
Produced by - Mike Campbell, Maria Malik, & Jacob Anderson
Gaffer - Andrew Dammer
AD - Shawn Dunbar
DP - Tomas Askamit
Lights - Andrew Dammer
Wardrobe - Maria Malik
Choreography - John Mark
Casting - Maria Malik, Mike Campbell
Crew - Mike Campbell, Josh Mattson, Frank Brezany, Maria Malik, Josh Stadtherr, Sam Kosho, Cydney Walker, Nick Hindt, Dan Tvete, Joe Christiansen, Kristin Supalo, Colton Otte, Sarah Dope
Cast - Jacob Anderson, Cydney Walker, Dinah Bullock, WIllie Wonka, Jake McLean, Albert Nix, Scotchy.
Special thanks to: Steve Nesser & the entire Familia HQ, Finding Novyon, Cashinova, Dwynell Roland, Mr. Peter Parker, Nazeem & Spencer, Liban, Chance York, DJ Name, P.O.S., Dimitry Killstorm, Devon Reason, HarMar Superstar, Dem Atlas, Astronautalis, Sean Anonymous, Mac Irv, Darien Washington, Ryan Shobe, John, Teddy & entire Goldfine family, TEN Thrift, Infinity Productions.

Written and performed by Prof
Beat by Jordy Bangs & Willie Wonka

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