Sharp TV Flashing Light LED/LCD Reset

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So one morning I turned my Sharp Aquos 70” LC-70LE734U TV off and then right back on again and it would not come back on it had a fast flash and a slow flash on the light. I searched this on YouTube and found a video by Tampatec, to reset your TV but it seems he missed one step, after reading many forum posts, and watching a lot of YouTube videos, going to Shop Jimmy, etc. I was pretty much convinced I was going to have to strip my set down and look for bad LED lamps. Then I found a string on “Toms Guide” forum that someone ran into by accident just trying different variations of the button sequence. If you just plug your set back in after the reset it will just go back into the same cycle of one fast flash one slow flash. But if you hold down the power button until the TV comes on while plugging it back in it will reset. So I will run through the whole sequence.

Unplug the TV, press and hold volume down button and the input button on TV while plugging in the TV until it comes on. Then press Volume down button and channel down button at the same time and the TV will open up the service menu. Use channel and volume buttons either on the remote or on the TV to move through and toggle on off on the service menu. Channel up & down moves and highlights different sections in the menu, and the volume up & volume down toggles a selection on or off. On page 2 start at “Lamp Error Reset” toggle it to on, then up to “Reset” toggle that one to on, then up to “Industry INIT” toggle it to on and click the OK/enter button on the remote. The green screen will come up indicating the reset was good. Then unplug the TV again, push and hold the power button on the TV while plugging the TV back in, as the TV come on it will go directly to the TV set up page.

*There still may be some internal issue with the TV because every time the set loses power it will revert back into the same fast flash, slow flash sequence, and you will have to do it all again, as long as the set is not unplugged or does not lose power it will continue to work as it should.

Video from Tampatec:

Forum string from Toms Guide:

Shop Jimmy for parts:

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