29 Weeks Pregnant - What to Expect Your 29th Week of Pregnancy

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Watch as Heidi Murkoff walks you through week 29, from your babies amazing growth spurt, to the permamnet teeth that are formimg, Heidi lets you know exactly what to expect this week.

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Heidi Murkoff: Your sweet sapling is getting taller by the week, topping 16 inches about now. But at less than 3 pounds, this kid isn’t going to win any chubby cheek awards just yet. Not to worry. The big weight gain period is just ahead. By the time the curtain rises on your baby-to-be, he’ll be more than double – and maybe even triple – his weight right now.

Where will all that weight come from? From the new white fat that’s starting to form beneath his skin. Unlike the brown fat he acquired as a fledgling fetus, the kind that was necessary for body temperature regulation, this white fat provides energy as well as girth to your growing baby. And thanks to that energy boost, your baby is mightier than ever. Those stronger pokes and kicks prove it, even as your little Rocky or Rockette has less room in your increasingly cramped studio space.

Speaking of kicks, doing a twice-daily kick count is one way to make sure your baby’s on track. Just lie down on your left side – after a snack if possible – and start counting. Ten movements of any kind in an hour are what you’re looking for. Flutters, rolls, jabs, and hiccups count. Once you’ve hit ten, don’t just lie there. Take a nap! You’ve earned it.

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