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PeapodMats are changing the way you deal with bed wetting and incontinence

Are you fed-up with having to change wet sheets nightly? Then get a PeapodMat!

Lie the PeapodMat flat on top of bedsheets without having to anchor it to the mattress with flaps, straps or Velcro! The grippy undersurface with grip with your sheets to make sure it stays it place. The stiching design also ensures that your mat will lie flat without bunching. And in the event of an accident you just pull it off and pop it into the washing machine and dryer.

NO more changing bed sheets nightly! PeapodMats are re-created bedwetting/incontinence mats that are BREATHABLE, DON'T MOVE & are DESIGNED FOR ALL AGES!

REUSABLE = 300-500+ washes makes it cheaper than buying the $10-20 dollar plastic protectors you need to replace often!
STAYS IN PLACE = No more changing the bed sheets nightly!
SOFT BREATHABLE COTTON TOP = Comfortable to sleep on with NO "plastic crinkle" sound or "cold vinyl" feel!
HASSLE FREE = No special wash instructions, regular wash and dry!
NO FLAPS, STRAPS, OR VELCRO = No tucking or wrapping around the mattress. Easy to use by all ages!

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