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This video is about "bolographic".
In this video series we're going through every English word we could find. We'll be pronouncing these words and showing you the spelling on screen. This is great for the curious or the educationally adventurous souls out there.

Link to

Here's a couple great resources you might find useful.

Critical Thinking - NEW Classroom Reading and Writing Poster

Complete English Grammar Rules: Examples, Exceptions, Exercises, and Everything You Need to Master Proper Grammar

Learn English: Improving Spoken English Book 1 Kindle Edition

Living Language English, Complete Edition (ESL/ELL): Beginner through advanced course

The English Fluency Formula

The link above takes you directly to and in return they help fund what we do here and to further education for all those excited enough to want to learn. We thank you for clicking through our links.

It means a lot to my family! presents a series of videos to get you speaking and learning languages such as English, Spanish / Espanol, French, German, Albanian, Arabic, and more. We are working hard to get our videos uploaded. We provide you with word pronunciations, definitions, translations, stories, rhymes, riddles, jokes, tongue twisters, and anything that will help bridge the gap between your current fluency to your desired proficiency and understanding. Whether you're just learning or trying to bolster your intellectual quotient into a new stratosphere of concise and succinct communications, allocating the proper verbiage could be paramount to illustrating a picture for the recipient or merely shoving drab nondescript sounds of failure down their auditory meatuses. Run on sentence you say? I'd agree. Utilizing big complicated words isn't usually the most effective form of communication, but adapting your language to your recipient will be the most effective way to transfer your thoughts. Having a wide array of tools for each project will allow you to tailor your message for the most effect and efficient use of your time. To write, read, and listen to language takes fewer words than you might imagine. In each language, you could likely get away with understanding a few thousand words and be completely comfortable with many different language settings. Why even a few hundred can get you quite far.

If ever you find any of the words to be inaccurate in any way, which may most often be the pronunciation I want to thank anyone who ...

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