Hives Treatment - How to Treat Hives - Tips for Treating Hives

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Hives Treatment - How to Treat Hives - Tips for Treating Hives

How to Treat Hives - Tips for Treating Hives

Understanding How to Treat Hives

Allergies are a common occurrence, as evident by the growing number of patients who seek treatment. The good news is that medical science is taking important steps towards hives treatment. Hives are a common type of skin allergy, occurring mainly in young children and women. Approximately one in six people will have the condition at some point in their lives. Hives can be characterized by both raised and swollen areas of the skin, which are very itchy.

Causes of Hives

The common cold, flu or other viral infections are some of the common causes of hives, which can be easily cured with the right hives treatment. In other cases, hives may occur as a result of an allergic reaction, such as:

Foods, such as nuts, eggs, chocolate, citrus fruits, strawberries, shellfish and artificial food additives. Reducing the amount of these foods in the patient's daily diet may help to get rid of hives.
Some drugs, such as ibuprofen can cause a reaction.
Insect bites and stings. If the patient is allergic to bees or red ants, for example, hives can occur in reaction to being stung or bitten.
Reaction to heat. A patient may break out in hives as a result of becoming overheated.

Hives Treatment - Treating Hives at Home

Taking notes about when your hives begin, how long they last, and any other important information can help your physician to diagnose what is causing the outbreak of hives. Knowing the cause of your hives will help your doctor to recommend the appropriate hives treatment. However, in approximately 50% of the cases of hives, the cause remains unknown.

Recommendations to get rid of hives include:

Apply calamine lotion to soothe the itch.
Avoid clothes made of artificial fibers, and always wear natural fibers, such as cotton.
Avoid the use of cosmetics and chemical-based skin cleansers.
In some cases, for treatment of severe hives that are not responding to antihistamines, doctors will suggest using steroids (anti-inflammation drugs).

Identifying the causes of hives and avoiding the triggers that cause outbreaks is the best course of action.

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