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Alffy Rev - Official Songs 18th Asian Games 2018 mash-up COVER

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Official Song 18th Asian Games 2018
by ALFFY REV ( @alffy_rev )


Main Vocal : Farhad ( @farhadhasaan )

Sinden : Indah RWY ( @indahrwy )

Rapper : Paul Shady ( @paul_shady )

Sape : Gregorius Argo ( @gregoriusargo )

Gamelan : Cipto & Arya ( )

Rum's String Chamber Orchestra :
Violin : Yudha Tri Pamungkas (@yudaputtra)
Violin : Fajar Trihadmoko ( @fajarthree3 )
Viola : Aminullah Ibrahim
( @aminullah.ibrahim )
Viola : Singgih Rastra Kusuma ( @singgih_rk )
Cello : Yoga Kurnia Pamungkas ( @yogapekas )
Cello : Achmad Oktabrian ( @okta.brian )
Contra Bass : Roma Dara Citata ( @romadara )

Rev Team :
Director : Alffy Rev
Editor : AlffyRev
General Manager : Nita
Technical director & Cameraman : Tazar
Equipment & Properties : Bagus
Pilot Drone : Rendi
Make up & wardrobe : AnggunVe
Audio Enginer : Ulun

Team Support Pendaki Gunung Penanggungan :
- Ifan (leader)
- Dinda
- Hasan
- Husen
- Edwin
- Ade
- Angga
- Joko
- Jeruk
- Cakri
- Agus
- Arvan

Supported by
iMix Studio
Pawitra Outdoor

Location : Puncak Pawitra | GUNUNG PENANGGUNGAN

I, Allfy Rev, an Indonesian content creator, on behalf of myself and the whole production team for this Asian Games 2018 official songs mashup project would like to offer our sincere apologies for our inadvertence in setting up a flag property that resulted in some reversed state flags. We realize that this is very sensitive and we do not mean to insult some other countries. Our focus is to welcome the countries involved in the Asian Games to come to Indonesia. Upon this accident we apologize.

Saya Alffy Rev mewakili Team produksi yang bertugas dari video music mash up official song 18th Asian Games 2018, memohon maaf atas ketidak sengajaan kami dalam menyiapkan properti bendera yang mengakibatkan beberapa bendera negara terbalik. Kami menyadari bahwa hal ini sangat sensitif dan tidak ada maksud kami untuk menghina beberapa negara lain. Fokus kami adalah ingin menyambut negara-negara yang terlibat dalam Asian Games untuk datang ke Indonesia. Atas ketidak sengajaan ini kami mohon maaf.

Official Asian Games 2018 Album. Album available di semua outlet KFC dan semua digital platforms.

Album Digital available on :
Apple Music

Please check out the Official Music Videos :

- Meraih Bintang by Via Vallen

- Janger Persahabatan by Nev+, Ariel dan Dea.

- Unbeatable by JFlow, Dira Sugandi

- Bright As The Sun by Energy 18

- ( Non Political ) Asian Dance by Slank , Dipha Barus

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