3 Core Exercises You Should Do EVERYDAY!

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Efficient core stability training will allow you to move better and produce more power! There is unfortunately no “one size fit’s all” when it comes to core exercises because there is no one universal movement that equally stresses all of the muscles that surround your spine. For this reason, we must utilize a regime of exercises to efficiently work all of them.

In his years of studying the spine, Dr. Stuart McGill has found there to be three specific exercises that most efficiently address all of these areas without placing excessive stresses on the parts of the back that may be aggravated or irritated due to injury. This group of exercises has famously become known as ‘The Big 3.’

1) Curl-Up
2) Side Plank
3) Bird-Dog

To learn more about the McGill Big 3, check out this blog: https://squatuniversity.com/2018/06/21/the-mcgill-big-3-for-core-stability/

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Big thanks to 3d4Medical and their app Complete Anatomy for the visual of the body today. If you would like to use their app at a discounted price, check out this link: https://store.3d4medical.com/application/user-kind?id=1&affiliate=true&promo=Zt83d843cA&clickId=bcf492a92e694ecd92ccd96866aff21e

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