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Trainwreck Of Electro Swing - A Hat In Time Remix

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This is an Electro Swing Remix of the Train Rush / Crazy Science Owls theme i wrote for A Hat In Time. Since the song was a bit of a fan favorite I thought it would be fun to present you this new Electro Swing version. A Hat In Time's soundtrack covers a wide range of genres and the original version of this song played during Chapter 3, Train Rush and had a 1930's inspired Big Band sound.

Game: A Hat In Time
Developer: Gears For Breakfast
Release Date: 2017
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

You can listen to the original version of the song here :
A Hat in Time - Train Rush (Crazy Science Owls)

Original Music written by Pascal Michael Stiefel
Remixed, ReArranged and Orchestrated by Pascal Michael Stiefel

I am Pascal Michael Stiefel a.k.a. Plasma3Music.
Composer & Sound Designer for Modern Media.
In the past 5 years i've worked on composing the music for A Hat in Time, a critically-acclaimed indie 3D platformer game with over a million copies sold.
On this channel, I will create a huge variety of video-game related remixes for people to enjoy and upload original music composed by me.

I currently do have time for new remixes and new projects.
If you require music for your next project, you should not hesitate to contact me.
Stay tuned and I look forward to hear from you!

Thank you for checking out the remix! How did you like it ? Do Have a suggestion for future remixes ? Let me know and leave a comment!

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