WD My Passport Wireless Pro Overview/Review

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WD's My Passport Wireless Pro is a wireless external hard drive and portable Media Server. It's a great tool for the on the go digital media creator. You can connect to it in a variety of ways. Either through it's built in card reader, through it's built in USB port or you can go completely cable free by connecting to the drive via it's built in Wi-Fi. If you're interested to see just what this drive has to offer over your current "dumb" external hard drive give this video a watch and I think you'll be impressed.

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-- Time Stamps --
0:00 - video Intro
0:30 - why I bought the WD My Passport Wireless Pro
1:07 - let's take a look this guy
2:16 - the built-in SD Card Reader
3:40 - battery life tests, video streaming & file transfer tests
5:44 - battery charging time
6:20 - it also doubles as a battery bank!
6:55 - using it like a regular ole external hard drive
7:28 - using Drive Lock
8:11 - IMPORTANT things to know when setting up your MyPassport Wireless Pro
10:29 - SD Card and USB importing options
11:16 - drive options only accessible using a web browser
11:32 - media serving with PLEX or Twonky Server
12:30 - restoring to factory defaults
13:58 - copying files to and from the Wireless Pro wirelessly
14:07 - copying to and from a computer
14:46 - copying to and from your smartphone or tablet
15:27 - my final thoughts
16:27 - Thanks for Watching! Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe! :)

Music in this video -

"Dutty" by Vibe Tracks from the YouTube Creator Studio Music Library

"Jay Jay" by Kevin MacLeod from the YouTube Creator Studio Music Library

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