From Musicdusk Till Musicdawn Show - Obscure, Strange, Rare Funk & Junk 45's Mix

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From Musicdusk Till Musicdawn Show - Neglectic selection of 45's obscure, strange, rare funk & junk 45's.
Test your music taste with this oddball 45's mix... try to survive the musicdusk... and then you have a chance to hear the lights of your musicdawn!

If you love it or hate it, if you want to listen more that kind of crazy shit music please leave likes/dislikes, and comments to this video and share it. Btw I ripped off my voice while recording doubles with introduction to this video, so i hope i done my work well...
When this podcast receives 100 likes, i'll try to kill more 45rpm vampires for the second part!

You can download this mix in 320 kbps mp3 on my blog (audio burned directly from 45's / 2 technics SL-1210mk2 with Shure whitelabels and Rane TTM56 mixer ):

Tracklist / Трэклист (кликабельно):
00:00:00 00. Zef 45's Intro
00:00:56 01. Watts Prophets - Pain (Exerpt) [ALA] 1971 Ghetto Spoken Word Poetry
00:01:26 02. Riff Raff McGriff and Georgia Anne Muldrow - Rythms Of The Forest [SomeOthaShip Connect] 2012 Hip-Hop
00:04:10 03. Zara McFarlane Vs Emanative - Lions Of Chiaroscuro [Brownswood Recordings] 2012 Contemporary Jazz, Broken Beat, Nu Jazz
00:09:05 04. The Sunday Morning Blues - Under the Moonlight [UA Recording] Deep Soul
00:12:44 05. George W. Betz & The Southern Crust - Little Girl [Ca$h Record] Honky Tonk, Country
00:15:15 06. Alan Cromer - Martian Maid [Rim] 1969 Northern Soul
00:17:50 07. Dusk - (We're) Workin' Together [Fubar FYDAQ] Funky Soul
00:21:15 08. Spoon River Band - Made Up In My Mind [Private, No Label] 1973 Obscure Rock
00:23:56 09. Inner Soul - Little Jack Horner [Cherrie Records] 1976 Lo-Fi Funk
00:27:58 10. Electra Fyd Revue - I Am Hip [N] Private Funk
00:30:06 11. Inmates - 1974 Trying To Be A Pro [Prison Records] 1975 Bay Area Funk
00:33:41 12. Knowone - Unfunky [New Age] 1980 Obscure Modern Soul, Xian Folk
00:38:03 13. Who Are Those Guys (Charlie Parker Foundation) - Sax Supreme (Island In The Sky) [WATG?] 1981 Funky psych acid jazz, Jazz Rock, Lounge

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