Can Destiny 2 be SAVED? What is GDPR, BORING intros + MORE! | Pretty Good Gaming Podcast #61

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This is Podcast #61! Patrons get early access every Thursday, before it goes live to everyone else the following Monday. We’ve got another great line-up of topics this week, including the fate of Destiny 2, what we want from the next Fallout from Bethesda, the big GDPR law changes in Europe and other fun stuff like what is our favourite, what is the best and what are our thoughts. Thanks for tuning in!

Host: Mike Williams
With: Liam McKelvey and Gareth Evans
Edited by Mike Abbott

01:30 Can Destiny 2 be saved?
06:02 Impressive game concepts that failed to deliver
09:50 What should the next Fallout be?
16:00 Non AAA games you're looking forward to?
18:17 What is GDPR
24:12 Boring game intros
28:06 Modular gaming consoles
32:48 Best written games?
36:27 Fact of The Week
37:06 30 Second Zen Garden
40:14 If you had to live in a VR game world, which would you choose?
42:33 How do you play through long games?
45:25 Good and Bad role model characters from games
50:04 Which character would survive the longest in a zombie game?
51:29 Overplayed games - a love/hate thing
55:10 Best start in a game that draws you in
58:37 Gaming chairs v sofas
01:00:46 Do you still own any retro gaming consoles?
01:04:17 Pirates or Ninjas?

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