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Anthropologists have collected evidence showing that native American people are related to Russia’s indigenous Siberians – they share many similar features related to appearance, religion, and language.
Russian scientists have uncovered the most important proof after carrying out a genetic study of a 24,000-year-old human skeleton found in Siberia, which is now housed in St.Petersburg’s famous Hermitage Museum. They discovered that the DNA of the boy’s remains has genetic ties to the DNA of modern Native Americans. That means Paleoamericans had migrated through Bering Strait thousands of years ago.

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How are Native Americans and Siberians connected?

Since the 18th century, ethnographers and archaeologists argue that there are strong cultural and ethnic similarities between Native Americans and the people of Siberia.

So what are those similarities?

0:24 appearance and clothes
0:59 religion and beliefs
1:30 tatoos
1:37 their houses looked alike too
1:43 and then the language
2:34 some more evidence for you
3:16 genetics and archeological findings

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