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Grafton Street - THE Shopping Street of Dublin, Ireland - Grafton Street, Dublin-A must on any visit

Grafton Street - THE Shopping Street of Dublin, Ireland - Grafton Street, Dublin-A must on any visit.
Grafton Street is the shopping street in Dublin, Ireland. It is found from O'Connell Street across O'Connell Bridge - past Trinity College and to the famous Molly Malone Statue. It leads into Temple Bar and St Stephen's Green. If you're on a city break in Dublin and you are seeking a high street/main street to do some shopping on - this is a good place to start!

Generally speaking, there are lots of different places to visit in Dublin, Ireland, which are not much about museums, castles, and such old buildings, but those which are more related to walking down the streets, doing some shopping, and getting introduced to the historical street attractions that could be found out there.

Grafton Street is this one important and famous spot which is located in Dublin and where mainly all the shopping happens and as much as it might be all concerned with shopping, we have to say that there are bars, restaurants, and even street statues situated on this street that make it a good place for tourists to walk through and get introduced to all these details.

At the beginning of Grafton Street, there is O'Connell Street which is another famous visited street in this area as well that you could pass by while being on the hop-on hop-off bus tour or even while being on your own and that mainly goes for the different statues located in it and being generally an active street in the city (

Moving past O'Connell Street and even crossing over the famous O'Connell Bridge, there is also Trinity College of Dublin which is one of the things highlighting this city and which tourists will also love coming across even if this will not include getting inside it and check what this old building appears like from the inside ( For those who are wondering whether they could actually access this college or not, supposedly they could because it is about the college museum and library as well.

This is not the end of the trip of the different things which one could actually enjoy while being on a trip to Grafton Street, but past Trinity College, there is also the famous Molly Malone Statue which is known to be a famous character in Ireland and which was also used in an Irish song that tells a fictional tale of a fishmonger. This is one of the best things that one could actually enjoy seeing in Dublin as well and which is one of our favorite when it comes to this part of Dublin (

These come as some of the important stops to be found around Grafton Street and which you might have already placed on your list of things to do in Dublin without having to pass by Grafton Street. The other part related to the things to be seen on this famous street are the different cafes, bars, and restaurants, which one could find on this street, such as the Temple Bar ( and St. Stephen's Green, which are known to be from the most famous and the oldest bars and parks to be found in Dublin around this area. (

There are two principle shopping streets which are located in Dublin; Grafton Street and Henry Street. Being an important shopping street means that Grafton Street might be placed among comparisons with other streets all across the world and it was even considered the thirteenth most expensive shopping street in the world in 2016; so you might go shopping there but might not be able to get yourself all what your eyes fall upon :-))

The name of this street came from Henry FitzRoy, the 1st Duke of Grafton, the son of Charles II of England who owned a land in the area. This street passed through different stages to reach what it looks like at the moment; it actually moved from being a fashionable residential street into a busy cross city route, and then the journey of the street kept moving with the development of the city as a whole until it became what we see these days - a lot of hard work was actually placed into this street.

The interesting thing to know about this street is that its pedestrianisation took some time for it to be approved and this went back to what some of the shop owners thought that it would increase the crime rate and even there is a small part of this street, which is between Nassau Street and College Green, without the pedestrian part that is there in the rest of it.

There are other beautiful places in Dublin which should be included in the list of places to visit there, such as the Phoenix Park (, Dublinia Viking Museum (, Guinness Storehouse (, and the Mansion House in Dublin (

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