Funk St. Workshop - Girl I Know What You Thinkin' [700 West] 1975 Sweet Soul 45

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Funk St. Workshop - Girl, I Know What You Thinkin'
700 West Music # 751005, released in 1975.
Awesome sweet soul ballad with a killer funk groove for a flip - little known as scarce 45. Both Sides Written By Tony Bingham & Gary Trife. Vinyl rip from my personal record collection.

Song lyrics excerpt:
Loneliness is feeling in grief...
Girl I know what you thinking,
My love is gone
But it's you that i missing
Please don't take long
Every night on my knees i pray
For your love won't fade away
Don't don't do me just in your way
My heart not a tool for play...

Hear funk b-side "Funk St. Workshop - Git On Up":

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