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A film about two people, who, at different points in life, come together to form an unlikely connection.

Pre-boarding is a literary fiction short film about twenty-six year old Gabriele and sixty year old John. Both are dealing with their own issues, but their unlikely meeting ignites a verbal sparring match that ultimately allows them to face their separate problems together.

Pre-boarding's first incarnation was in 2011 as a short story entitled "Coffee" by Bob Bartholomew. When Bob moved to Las Vegas in 2013, he met Tobin Herringshaw, who wanted to shoot the story as a short film. Bob's writing often explores unconventional relationships and characters. Sometimes quirky, always troubled, his characters navigate life down unique paths, seeking what all people seek--love, acceptance, and satisfaction.

Tobin started filmmaking with the advent of the DSLR, picking up his first camera in 2008. Since then, he has produced several music videos, commercials, corporate videos and short films. His most recent film, After, explores the science fiction genre and is currently making the festival rounds.

directed by
Tobin Herringshaw

written by
Bob Bartholomew

first assistant director
Aaron Fentress

produced by
Bob Bartholomew
Tobin Herringshaw

associate producers
Connie Sandlin Putney
Dave Woolston

Douglas Talley...............John Santo

Almog Aybar Agron...............Bookstore Clerk

Ashley Campbell...............Gabriele

bookstore and diner patrons
Miguel Avila
Tom Bonello
Pete DeCaprio
Madison DeVoid
Stacy DeVoid
Javier Hernando
Renee Matulonis
Heather Mehudar
Richard Rosario
Sega Shines
Victoria Rae Smith
Jennifer Terrana
Jessie Watson

based on the short story "Coffee" by
Bob Bartholomew

Director of Photography
Asa Foreman

edited by
Tobin Herringshaw

music by
Matthew Mell
Tobias Steiner

sound recordist and designer
Colton Rybus

camera operator
Tobin Herringshaw

first assistant camera
Dave Woolston

still photographer
Glendon James Robbins

production assistants
Almog Aybar Agron
Yuhao "Jimmy" Cheng

hair and makeup
Jessica Reid

John DiMarco

key grip
James Wilhelm

grip team
Glendon James Robbins
Rik Slayman
Dave Woolston

This film was funded by a
successful Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter contributors:
Ann Appleyard
Anita Bartholomew
Bob Bartholomew Sr.
Larry Beason
Niladri Bhowmik
Ian Blaustein
Mary Townsend Brockett
Jimmy Chang
Thomas Craven
Mel Cruz
Rebecca Girard
Brad Glaza
Daniel Groves
Lawrence Heltzer
Helen Wells Henry
Gavin and Lynda Hunter
Lisa Kennedy
Ian King
Corey Latta
Bill and Judy Marcinak
Marge McGarvey
Rick McGarvey
Pam Grantham Meriam
Heather Mehudar
Billy Middleton
Teresa Sanchez-Orvosh
Jerry Paquette
Elizabeth Park
Henry Park
Natasha Park
Connie Sandlin Putney
Kent Quaney
Leslie Smith Rosen
Brent and Sherry Siegel
Chris Stephens
Michael Stephens
Alex Stubbs
Kristie Szarpa
Douglas Talley
Becca Thomas
Diane Warner
Dave Woolston
Carye Yanko

special thanks
Amber Unicorn Books
Fremont East Studios
Mary's Hash House
Tivoli Village
Town Square Las Vegas
InNEVation powered by SuperNap

written and performed by Matthew Mell

filmed on the Nikon D800

This motion picture ©2014 by digital frames productions.
Original score ©2014 by Tobias Steiner.

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