A Government Gang Stalking Target's Outing - 4/6/2015 - vTomb

A Government Gang Stalking Target's Outing - 4/6/2015

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Dianne Feinstein and Charles Schumer Open The Door For Michael Mukasey To Become Attorney General Under Bush
Michael Mukasey: The Attorney General On Whose Watch A Stasi Became A Reality in America
How The Stasi Arose In America: The President Is King. AG Michael Mukasey Proclaimed It. “He does not serve the law and cannot be made to obey it, because he is the law. And if he directs others to disobey the law, then their conduct can likewise be no crime, because “the king can do no wrong.”
“First, Michael Mukasey offered incomprehensible explanations for his non-views about the legality of torture techniques.”
Mukasey enshrined: The Divine Right of Presidents – “Apparently the king can do no wrong. And evidently, the king determines what the law is. And when the king has made his determination, then it is binding on the attorney general, who is, apparently, no more than an extension of the royal will.”
Dick Cheney was Mukasey’s main man: “His opinion was, after all, the only thing that stood between Dick Cheney and a war crimes indictment.”
Mukasey: The Divine Right of Presidents: If the President orders it – it is not a crime.
“Mukasey refused to allow contempt charges against White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and former White House counsel Harriet E. Miers to be given to a grand jury. Bolten and Miers stand accused of contempt in refusing to testify before Congress in its investigation of the firings of several U.S. attorneys in 2006. Mukasey wrote to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that their refusal to testify could not be a crime because the president ordered them not to testify under executive privilege.”

“The Nurembert Defense For Lawyers”
Mukasey Logic: “Mukasey was saying that lawyers could not be charged criminally because the president ordered them to commit the act — and that the president could not be charged criminally because lawyers told him he could do it.”

If The President Created An American Stasi, it was legal because the President ordered it.
Thank Michael Mukasey for The American Stasi. Will the new Attorney General under Obama that Republicans don’t want to come to power, expose the ruse?

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