A Government Gang Stalking Target Goes To Petco - 4/5/2014 - vTomb

A Government Gang Stalking Target Goes To Petco - 4/5/2014

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What Ted Kennedy Predicted Would Happen Is Happening

The COINTELPRO Program Started Under Mukasey:
Edward Levi was the Attorney General during the Church Committee hearings. It was he, a former professor of constitutional law, who was responsible for setting up the first Guidelines for the FBI to make sure their activities didn’t violate the constitution. In December 2008, the Attorney General under President Bush, Michael Mukasey, set forth new Guidelines for the FBI allowing the FBI “to conduct ‘assessments’ of suspects without requiring any factual basis for suspicion.” Now the FBI could use physical surveillance, conduct an interview with a target’s neighbors or landlord or colleague or friend. It could even engage informants to infiltrate a political or other meeting to spy on the proceedings. It could get personal information from commercial databases. And it could do this without suspicion the target had done anything wrong. Moreover, any information the FBI collects could be kept forever.
Senator Russ Feingold, Senator Dick Durbin, and Senator Ted Kennedy sent a letter to Attorney General Mukasey saying the authority he enabled could result in the FBI conducting a “long-term physical surveillance of an innocent American citizen.” Their concern was that such a physical surveillance could be initiated based on the exercise of first amendment rights or race or ethnicity or national origin or religion. Organizations concerned with civil liberties and religious freedom also protested.

Government Gang Stalking – It started with Cheney/Attorney General Mukasey – Obama Continues it.

Police, Firemen, EMS, Ambulance Drivers, Security Guards, Citizen Vigilantes - probably Our Neighborhood Watch Groups – who use RED cars, RED trucks or wear or carry RED in conspicuous surveillance - are Gang Stalking average citizens 24/7 for years in emulation of the Stasi in Totalitarian East Germany.

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Why Are Police And Firemen Getting Away With Gang Stalking?

Government Gang Stalking is Emotional Rape

Tell Your Representatives - Stop Government Gang Stalking:

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