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The Truth In Media Project and Humanity Over Politics with Ben Swann

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The Truth In Media Project and the idea of humanity over politics is discussed with journalist Ben Swann. The role of new media vs. mainstream media in seeking out and reporting the truth about our government is looked at with Swann in this Buzzsaw interview hosted by Tyrel Ventura.

Ben Swann has spent 14 years working as a journalist in broadcast news. He began his career as a news photographer and moved up the ladder to reporter, morning anchor/reporter, prime time anchor/reporter. Along the way he won two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. For a number of years he covered Mexico's drug war. At that time, he realized that national media was not interested in the truth of what was happening in Mexico, or the problems associated with the failed "war on drugs" in the United States.

In 2010, Swann moved north to Cincinnati, Ohio to take a prime time anchor job with WXIX and there he became the producer/writer/anchor of a segment called "Reality Check". It was while covering the 2012 Republican Presidential primary that he began to confront the problems in the American electoral process, the stranglehold of America's two party system and the suppression of voters' choices by mainstream media.
In 2012, he became the first journalist in the nation to confront President Barack Obama directly in an interview about the Constitutionality of his "kill list" and the only journalist to confront Mitt Romney about the railroading of duly elected delegates during the 2012 Republican National Convention.
Thanks to a passionate following, his work has become an internet phenomenon with over 10 million video views in over 140 countries.

Buzzsaw Full Episodes:
Buzzsaw Short Clips Playlist:

00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:30 Introducing Ben Swann.
01:00 Swann discusses the "Truth In Media Project" including defining stories covered and the role of new media.
05:20 Examining the cannabis issue, the truth behind radiation at Fukushima, and the idea of humanity over politics.
09:40 Swann talk about police militarization, U.S. foreign policy, and gives advice to aspiring journalists.
17:00 Contributing to the "Truth In Media Project" and raising awareness over U.S. drone strike policy.
21:10 Thanks and goodbye.

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