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Eye on the Prize, Cancer! August 2019

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Cancer August 2019 Tarot and Astrology Reading
Oy! Cancer!! Yes, I know the eclipses were a lot - Mercury Retrograde in your sign was also a lot, and how you’re moving all these planets, Sun, Venus, Mars and soon Mercury through your second house. Money is a thing, and relationships are still a thing, too. It’s a lot of “big areas” that are demanding your focus and there is much needed change on the docket. Best best - let the old things die. No need to worry about the new things quite yet. Just let the old ones fall off the trees, so that new things can grow in the spring!

August Comprehensive Readings:

2019 Annual Readings:

Private Tarot Readings:
I am not offering these right now due to some traveling I have coming up! Stay tuned, though, because I'm going to be doing more fun content on my channel that may be a bit insightful for you :D

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