How To Get Clear "Spot-Less" Skin With `TOMATO` Face Pack!

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Assalam o Alikum, Tomato Face Pack is The main topic of our Today`s video, Today we will make Face pack with tomato for Fair, Clear and Spotless Skin at home with tomato and some organic ingredients, In this video I will Make Homemade Face Mask To Get Clear Skin Naturally Especially In Winter with in just 5 Days of Skin Care. This Face Mask at Home will give you that Clear and Clean Skin that you wish you have. I implemented this Face Mask for myself and you know what.... I got some amazing results that why I am sharing it with you guys so you can also get these amazing results with these simple homemade ingredients.

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So now lets move on to our First Step Which is things that we need for our Tomato Facial (Face Mask Diy):
First of all you need :

• Tomato (Paste)
• Rice Flour
• Baking Soda
• Husn e Yousaf (Herb Powder) Easily Available At Any Market
• Coconut Powder

These things are very good for your skin, dead cells, blackheads, acne as well.
Now lets move on to our next Step which is making of this skin mask…

Now take an empty bowl and ADD 2 tea spoons of Tomato Paste after that ADD half tea spoon of Rice Flour ,1/4TH spoon of baking soda (Because of its Hardness) ADD half tea spoon of Coconut Powder (Will Provide Healing Effect)and at last ADD half tea spoon of Husn E Yousaf and Mix this mixture Well like showed you in this video. After mixing it well it will look like some paste don’t worry because its not some paste it is Face Mask to get Clear And Bright Skin.
Now our next step is..

How To Apply This Face Mask onto Your Skin: Well take some portion of this mixture and slowly and softly apply it on your face or skin in circular motion (don’t rub it too hard) After that leave it for atleast 15 to 20 minutes to dry after that wash it with tap water and then you will see some instant results and your heart will automatically pray for me. Thank you

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