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THREE Halloween Horror Stories | Al Dente Creepypasta 01

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Halloween is upon us, the only time of year where the creeps come out in all of us, so I'm bringing you a trio of terrifying Halloween Horror Stories that you can listen to anytime or anywhere.

1:03 | The Forbidden House | Four young trick-or-treaters try to get some candy from the one house their parents forbade them from visiting and stumble upon a horrifying truth.

7:15 | The Scarecrow | A teenage girl and her friends are disturbed at what their friend and classmate, Chris, does to them on Halloween night.

12:08 | Costume Shop | A man searching for the perfect costume for his work's Halloween party is trapped in a changing room during a violent robbery and fears he may soon be discovered.

Pilot. This is the first of many episodes of a brand new series called Al Dente Creepypasta. Let me know what you liked and what you didn't like in the comments, and help shape this series into the best show that it can be!

Sinister Storys:
Visit her channel for some amazing narrations of classic Creepypasta.

OST Maker:
Visit OST Maker for some incredible original music scores and cinematic tracks!

This video is dedicated to Kyle Hendricks. Go Cubs.


Al Dente Creepypasta: horror stories cooked to perfection with a splash of red sauce. Al Dente Creepypasta is a series of original, scary creepypasta stories; narrated and delivered with high quality sound effects and music. You won't find these stories anywhere else and you won't find better production value on YouTube.

Feel free to put these stories on in the background or listen to them as you fall asleep... if you dare.

📺 EP 1:
📺 EP 2:

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