Urinary retention problems after surgery

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Urinary retention problems after surgery
URIDOC improves your life
Urinary Hesitancy. Urinary Retention. Nocturia.
Waking up at night to urinate can ruin your day. The need to urinate frequently can affect your life. Achieving an empty bladder can be simple
I had my surgery on 2/4... It was a lap with excision of cystic endometriosis from the right retroperintoneal area, excision of cystic endosalpgingiosis from my vaginal cuff, left ovary, bladder (2 spots), and left retroperitoneal area, lysis of some adhesions (not too bad), cecopexy, and presacral neurectomy. THe first few days after surgery I had no sensation or control of my bladder... I could not go and I had no idea how full it was... when I went to the ER for the catheter I had 800cc in there and had no idea. The next week when the catheter came out I was able to go but had no idea that I was retaining urine... I still had 400cc in there after using the bathroom and thinking I was done.
Today I had the catheter out this morning and I was able to go (even though it is very painful to start and when I think I am done... which turns out not to be the case). The pain may be due to irritation from the catheter and continuing problems with yeast infections. But this time I was still retaining 300cc.... so the catheter was put back in.... and here I sit.
My local Gyn (I had the surgery at Mayo) suspects that my bladder problems are due to the area from which the endo was excised... it is an area that the bladder nerves run through I guess. He suspects it is swollen and compressing the nerves. Before surgery I did have bladder symptoms from the deep endo on the right side.

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