Sydney Hunter & The Caverns Of Death NES - Development Update - 31st January 2019

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I have recovered well from my surgery and have finally been able to spend some decent time on working on Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
#nes #homebrew #gaming #sydneyhunter

I am trying to cover as much of the SNES version as possible, but of course the NES is much more limited in what can be achieved.

I finally have most of the underlying engine working as follows:
- Map drawing from compressed tile sets (there are lots of screens after all and I ran out of room in the cartridge!)
- Sydney Character movement - walking, jumping, climbing, falling
- Sydney can throw his boomerang
- Different enemies appear and have their own movement logic, including path following logic
- Bonus and end of level collectables are placed and can be picked up with the score being updated
- Level Intro Screens
- End of Level Screens with summary

To do:
- colour and graphic tidy-ups due to optimizations
- end of level urgency from rising lava
- enemies hurt Sydney
- Sydney's boomerang hurts enemies
- bug fixes - minor tile collision issues etc
- sound effects

See general updates on both my web site:
and my Facebook page:

If you are a Spectravideo or MSX fan, buy a copy of my book on these two computers here:

If you would like to contribute to my creation of new titles for 8 and 16 bit systems or contribute to my software and magazine preservation efforts, I have setup a Patron page here:

I am part of the 'Press Play On Tape' podcast, join the mayhem here:

I also do live game plays, usually high score practices on Twitch here:

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