leo.moon - Catharsis (Full Album)

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Available on all streaming services right now! Click the link to be directed to Spotify to save and listen to the album!

For booking, email: [email protected]

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Follow @leo.moon.music on instagram and https://soundcloud.com/leomoonmusic as well as follow on all the Music websites to stay up to date with my latest original music!

leo.moon is my alias for all of my original work. This includes both my vocal and nonvocal composition work henceforth. I started in on this project to make music that makes you feel as open and grand as the sea, through both storms and sunshine, whether sailing high or at the bottom of a seafloor. I hope you enjoy what I have to show you. MANY more songs are on their way.

Catharsis is an album based on my experiences in college and the anxiety/depression that I have dealt with over the past few years. It is meant as an emotional response and release to the emotionlessness and overtly negative spaces I occupied over the past few years. It lends itself towards self empowerment, and encourages light and dreams in the face of feeling empty and forgotten in place. It moves towards a future that is bright (and likely a future that will bring the funk back to the world...but that's for another time ;) ...)

Listen to this 100 times and tell me what you think of the album.

Catharsis was distributed by Amuse.io, and is under the full legal copyright belongs to Jordan Wynne, owner of leo.moon and AlmightyArceus.

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